I am a Lifestylist, Desire Coach, Firestar to my Spiderman and Wonder Woman to my Batman -- yes, I am a mom of boys. I am an orgasmic parent, I am a passion pathfinder and guide to my clients, I am a Manifestation Acceleration Coach. I guide high achieving, professional, and independent women to discover more self-love and move into their zone of excellence in all areas of their life. 

I live my purpose and my passion and help others do the same. I combine relationships, business, health and spirituality to create fulfillment and purpose in the life you design. I love my clients, I love my my life. 

And it wasn't always that way.



My upbringing was rough, but pretty empowered. I got into the right colleges, worked for the right companies, married the right guy... but none of that was very consciously chosen. I was kind of just following the path that others laid out for me and where I was pulled. 

I feel like there were points in my life when I was younger that I was much better at following my intuition than I was in my 30’s. When I was in my 30’s I got married, had kids and left my corporate job. And I made myself miserable. In large part because I didn’t hold my own boundaries around what I wanted. I acquiesced A LOT. 

And then about 5 years ago, I was sitting alone in the dark. I had just put the kids to bed, I was working on my second bottle of wine, binging on Netflix and surfing Facebook, desperately lonely, and I came across an event about intimacy and connection.

So I did the vulnerable thing -- I went and sat in a room full of strangers and talked about how lonely I was, how much I desired connection, how scared I was. And it was soooo freeing! 

I met my first coach that night. I remember some of our first sessions where I was crying, wailing and screaming at her because I didn’t know what I wanted or how to express it or even hold on to my boundaries and desire. I was not in love with myself.

Fast forward 5 months and when she asked me if I wanted to help others find their desire again I was a HELL YES! I had other coaching certifications before; I’ve launched international franchises, worked for Fortune 500 Companies as a business consultant and have been massively successful in the business world, but this was different, it was transformational and deep. Life-changing. 

Because of the leap I took then, I am now I am sitting in my HELL YES and living much more (it’s not quite perfect, it is quite perfectly imperfect actually) in alignment than ever before. And every day it gets better.

And I am here to guide you to be in love with you, so you can find your HELL YES too. So that you can become the person that can have the life YOU design and accelerate your manifesting!

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